Celebrating National Financial Literacy Month with NC ABLE!

National Financial Literacy Month is focused on planning for a secure financial future. The NC ABLE Program encourages people with disabilities to use this month as an opportunity to discover financial tools and resources, and start a conversation with others so you can learn more about financial wellbeing.

  • Discover investing basics at NCABLE.org. With an NC ABLE account, you can grow your money long-term or have your money available for ongoing disability-related expenses. This page highlights frequently asked questions and can guide you with situation-specific examples.
  • Take this 10-question quiz from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to find out about your financial well-being.
  • Setting strong financial goals is key. ABLE National Resource Center has a STAR (Specific, Timely, Action-Oriented and Realistic) Goal Setting Worksheet for you to get started.
  • Start a Spending Diary and track where your money is going.  The National Disability Institute (NDI) has a PDF you can download to get things started. It is a simple action that can have a big impact in understanding your financial situation.
  • The NDI also has a Financial Resilience Center that covers a variety of topics from public benefits to identity theft, to managing money.
  • The ABLE to Work page on NCABLE.org features links to the IRS Saverโ€™s Credit and an important breakdown of what you may be able to save as a working NC ABLE account holder in addition to the $17,000 allowance each year.
  • Follow NC ABLE on Facebook and Twitter. Throughout the month we will be sharing and highlighting resources available to keep the conversation going about financial literacy.

It does not matter how much or how little experience you have navigating the waters of personal finance. There is always something you can learn that will make it easier for you to save! This National Financial Literacy Month, check out the resources available on the NC ABLE website, attend an informational webinar and watch one of our videos on YouTube to learn more!