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Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) accounts are designed for people of all ages with the occurrence of disability before the age of 26. The NC ABLE Program allows eligible individuals the opportunity to save and fund a variety of qualified disability expenses while maintaining Medicaid, SSI1 and other public supports.

NC ABLE accounts can be opened by an eligible individual, who is the account owner, or by the account owner’s parent, guardian, or person acting under a power of attorney.

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NC ABLE accounts are open to eligible individuals in North Carolina and throughout the US. The account can be funded by the account owner, family, or friends, and in some cases, funds can also be transferred to an NC ABLE account from a 529 college savings account.

Account owners can contribute up to $18,000 per year to an NC ABLE account, and individuals that qualify for the NC ABLE Program have a greater annual allowance for contributions to their account with the ABLE-to-Work provision.2

Overseen by the Department of State Treasurer and the Board of Trustees, NC ABLE currently has over 2,235 account holders with nearly $27 million in assets and an average account balance of more than $12,000.3

1 ABLE account balances up to $100,000 are excluded from assets for the purpose of determining SSI eligibility.
2 For employed account owners, the annual contribution limit is increased by the lesser of the person’s earnings and the Federal one-person poverty limit for the prior year.
3 As of April 2, 2024.