Discover a Path to Financial Independence


NC ABLE account holders

as of June 30, 2024


Million in Total Assets

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to other eligible individuals and families, according to a 2020 survey of all account holders.

Opening an NC ABLE account can help you discover a path to financial independence. 

✔️ open an account;

✔️ enjoy tax-advantaged savings; and

✔️ choose investment options that fit your goals

It’s an opportunity to save for the future and spend on today’s qualified expenses.

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Opening an NC ABLE account is easy for eligible individuals and takes about 15 minutes.

  • Open an account online with as little as $25.
  • Access your account 24/7 from a PC, tablet, or another mobile device.
  • Access customer service representatives by phone or online.
  • Receive monthly statements via email.
  • Friends, family and members of the public can make contributions using the UGift feature.
  • NC ABLE accounts are available to qualified individuals across the United States.

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  • Balances up to $100,000 are excluded from the SSI resource limit.3
  • You’ll continue to be eligible for Medicaid, regardless of your account balance.4
  • People with disabilities who are employed are permitted to contribute more on an annual basis.

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NC ABLE provides the opportunity to spend today and save for tomorrow with financial options:

  • NC ABLE has six portfolio options available to meet your needs, based on your unique plans and risk tolerance.
  • The checking account offers a debit card for use at point-of-sale retail outlets nationwide.

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  • Earnings may compound federally tax-deferred.
  • Withdrawals are tax-free if used for qualified disability expenses.1
  • Rollovers from 529 college savings accounts are federally tax-free.2

1 Earnings on non-qualified withdrawals may be subject to federal income tax and a 10% federal penalty tax, as well as applicable state and local income taxes.

2 Rollovers from 529 college savings accounts into 529A (ABLE) accounts, up to the annual maximum contribution amount, are now permitted under federal law.   NC state tax treatment of these rollovers is being determined. Please consult   with your tax advisor for guidance.

3 Please see the Plan Disclosure Booklet for complete details on SSI suspension and any requirements on when you use the funds to prevent suspension of benefits.

4 To the extent provided in subsection 26 U.S. C. §529A(f) upon the death of the Account Owner, the Member State shall have a claim for payment from the Account Owner in an amount equal to the total medical assistance paid for the Account Owner after the establishment of the account. The Member State may file its claim for repayment from the account with the State Treasurer within 60 days of receiving notice from the State Treasurer of the death of the Account Owner. Any remaining funds in the Account Owner’s Account shall be distributed as provided in the Plan Disclosure Booklet or distributed to the Account Owner’s estate if no other designation is made.